EM 2400


The EM 2400 is our largest most powerful motor and the workhorse of our product suite.  

It is a direct diesel engine replacement for Class 8 trucks, large LHDs and underground haul trucks.  It has a standard SAE interface for easy integration to existing powertrains.   

Alone, it powers LHDs up to 18 tons capacity, UG haul trucks up to 20 ton, and on road trucks up to 80,000 lb GVW.  Running two of these motors together will power haul trucks up to 45 tons.

Peak Power 301 kW @ 2250 rpm
Cont. Power 230 kW @ 1600 rpm
Peak Torque 2300 Nm
Cont. Torque 1360 Nm
Dimensions 92.9×35.7×35.7 cm
Voltage Range 600 Vdc
Weight 289 kg

Lower CapEx costs on new development by tens of millions
and completely eliminate diesel emissions.