We are Artisan Vehicle Systems

Industry leader. First to market. Setting the trend globally.


Since its inception, 2013, Artisan has produced electric and hybrid powertrains for the following vehicle types:

  • Military armored vehicles for special forces missions
  • Military non-tactical personnel and supply carriers
  • Major brand passenger cars
  • Major brand sports cars
  • Elite brand ultra-luxury super cars
  • Three-wheeled motorcycles (open cockpit and enclosed)
  • Three-wheeled scooters for police and security patrols
  • Wake boat and pleasure cruise boats for use where combustion engines are prohibited
  • Class 8 on road trucks
  • Underground mining vehicles for drilling, mucking, and hauling ore and waste

Our motors, power electronics, control systems, and support equipment are all developed in-house and designed to work together thereby eliminating incompatibility and functional deficiencies associated with systems that consist of products from several manufacturers. 

Vision + Mission + Core Values

Our vision is a world where oil no longer dominates transportation – where the value of alternative fuels has surpassed that of fossil fuels – and where our environment is on the mend after decades of abuse resulting from the wasteful use of fossil fuels.

The Artisan Mission is continued product development to provide our customers with an economic, cost-effective option to combustion engines.  We are committed to providing solutions to satisfy the growing global appetite for zero-emission alternative energy solutions.

Our core values:

  • Respect and encourage a healthy and happy family life for all of our people
  • Respect each and every person in our workplace
  • Understand deeply how our customers define success and to enable that success as our company’s top priority.
  • Come to work each day intending to give our very best and leave knowing that we did.


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